Monday, December 8, 2014

My Favorite Instagram Shops

HI Ladies & Gents,

So, as most of you know Annabelle’s birthday was last week and I feel like we are still recovering from the party.  I got sick and Annabelle is actually still sick and Im hating every moment of it . The winter needs to go by quickly. 

Anyway, now that Im getting back into the swing of things, I decided to start my youtube channel  and what better topic to start with, other than my favorite instagram shops. When I was pregnant with Annabelle I started following Kid's fashion pages and from there I would see all these cute little babies with cute items on.  Once I saw where the mommies would get their items  from I  started following a lot of these shops. I cant tell you how obsessed I am with all of them and just the overall talent that these women have is beyond amazing.

Below are some shops that were thoughtful enough to send Annabelle some cute items for her birthday and I want to tell you all how much we appreciation you guys thinking of us, we adore everything.

Make sure to check out each shop and my first youtube video My Favorite Instagram Shops, and please excuse the length, I promise all my videos wont be that long ,lol.

Hope you guys like this post and stay tuned for Annabelle's birthday post this Friday and some holiday DIY decor.

Peace & Love











Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Special Birthday Giveaway, featuring Mommystimeout

Hi Ladies & Gents,

Sorry I have been MIA, but all my time has been dedicated to planning my daughters 1st birthday party. 
I still can’t believe she is turning one this Friday. When people told me that the first year goes quick, I didn't think it would be this fast. Each milestone melts my heart  and I’m loving each minute of it.
Since most of you have followed me since day one of my motherhood journey I wanted to do a special giveaway to some of you lovely mommies. I teamed up with a cute little shop Mommystimeout. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some beautiful pictures of Annabelle for her birthday photo-shoot that I have been posting as well on this post. Pictures honestly don’t do these crowns justice. The craftsmanship is impeccable and  you guys know how I love mommy and me items, so these crowns were perfect for us to wear for her shoot. I actually plan on displaying these in Annabelle’s playroom, when we move.

With all that said let’s get down to the official rules and make sure to stay tuned for pictures of her actual birthday party. Also check out MOMMYSTIMEOUT on Instagram.


1.      Must follow @Mommystimeout

2.    Repost Picture I will post on instagram and make sure to tag @mommystimeout

3.     Tag 2 friends

   #hashtag #mommystimeout

Three winners will be announced:

First Prize: Flower crown pictured
Second Prize: 30% off a purchase of $40.00 or more from @mommystimeout
Third Prize: 15% of purchase of $20.00 or more from @mommystimeout

Winners will be announced on Annabelles birthday

Good luck my loves!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mommy And Me Macarons (Halloween 2014)

Hi Ladies & Gents,

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend. I had a very lovely Halloween with my mini me. As you can tell I love dressing up for Halloween. Prior to my daughter being born, I would think about my costume for a year and would have more than one costume. For me its always fun to dress up. I was 8 months pregnant last year  for Halloween, so I didn't have the energy to create a costume for myself and this year to be honest I was more excited about dressing her up. I wasn't going to dress up at all until I saw fellow blogger Songs of Styles throw back Thursday picture  on IG of her as a macaron and knew I had to do a  mommy and me version.  Of course you know I went on Pinterest and found this cute little tutorial from I literally spent a total of one hour on both mine and Annabelle's costume. Obviously Annabelle's is way cuter, but I was pretty proud of myself as it was my first attempt at making these.

Below are some pictures of our mommy and me costumes. Fyi these costumes are not for carrying a baby, hence why our pictures are separate. I paired my costume with a wig I had from a prior years costume. Overall I am happy how our costumes turned out. I hope you guys like them too. 
Stay tuned for some fun mommy and me post and fun collaborations for Annabelle's birthday month.

Peace & Love


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sweet & Swag ( Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

Hi Ladies & Gents

 I hope all of you are having a fabulous Wednesday. This is a very special post to me because its Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I don't really talk much about my day job, but I'd like to share with you all today what I do for a living. You see, I help patients with cancer and their cost can say I am a patient advocate. My job is probably the most rewarding job I ever had and will ever have. Knowing I am making a difference in a patients life is well worth my long days in the office. Cancer is an ugly disease that we all have dealt with either personally or know of someone that had it. Breast cancer is a disease that hit my family not once but twice. Both my grandmother and aunt both succumbed to this disease, so for me it is extremely important to take self breast exams and start mammograms early. Ladies Its so important to make sure you do self exams, so you can detect it as early as possible. For more information you can go to As a new mom, I know now more than ever that I have to make sure that I take care of myself, so I can be around for my daughter, so I check myself every month.

Our Mommy and me outfits are detecting to all the women that are fighting or lost their battle to breast cancer. We teamed up with one of my favorite shops Sweetnswag to bring you guys awareness to breast cancer, with our love of fashion. I love the moccasins Annabelle is wearing, not just because they are so darn cute, but because they are great quality and  are set at a great price point. I know all you mommies that have little ones feel me when I say that $15-$20 price point is great for little feet that grow quickly. I think I have every style they have out and will purchase more when she grows out of her current size. Make sure you follow Sweet& Swag on instagram and check out their cute little bow ties as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and check out our outfit details below and some cute pictures  of this adorable mommy and me outfit. 

Peace & Love


My outfit:

Jeans: H&M
Sneakers: Nike
Belt: Forever21

Annabelle's Outfit:

Jeans: H&M
Moccasins: Sweetnswag